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Toll free for nationwide disaster response 24/7


IN AN EMERGENCY: 1-888-747-1515
When disaster strikes, you make a single call: ACT assembles a team with the experience and knowledge needed to tackle the disaster. With our nationwide network of responders, we can begin recovery within hours of an event, anywhere in the U.S.

Here is what happens next...

ACT will record contact information and details of the disaster on our initial contact report, then within minutes dispatch our first responder to your property. Our first responders are a team of pre-qualified disaster recovery vendors located throughout the nation.

ACT’s first responder will assess the situation upon arrival to determine the scope of work.

ACT will then determine the appropriate response to the loss, based on the client’s service standards.

ACT will communicate to the client the status of the loss and a plan of action will be put in place to return the client's property to pre-loss condition.

ACT's team will provide updates via e-mail. These updates will be communicated to the proper personnel per the client’s service standards. Updates continue throughout the project until complete.

ACT will coordinate all insurance, vendor, restoration, and reconstruction activities until the property is returned to pre-loss condition.


Contact us about setting up a customized plan that best responds to your possible losses and best fits your organization and service standards.

Once we have a plan and agreement, you provide us with a list of your properties and a letter of introduction. ACT does the rest. We will:

  • Send out information packets to your properties.
  • Introduce the program to your staff.
  • Develop the service standards with your team.
  • Place all your properties into our client database.
  • Maintain quarterly contact with your properties.
  • And most importantly...

Respond to your needs when a disaster occurs.

It’s that simple. You now have peace of mind knowing that you have the most respected restoration company in the country ready to respond to your disasters.

For more information or assistance with your disaster, please contact us!