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Toll free for nationwide disaster response 24/7


The ACT team has helped people and businesses all over the country.  Here’s what some of our satisfied customers are saying:

Steven Stradley - Sunwest Management

Earlier this year one of our locations suffered a significant fire loss. ACT helped coordinate the reconstruction effort. I was very impressed with their response and ability to get the job done.

Craig Guidry - Asset manager for Saint Ann LLC

Working with ACT was very educational with regards to the environmental issues of disaster recovery. They knew what we should be looking for above and beyond what we were aware of.

Lea Firestone - A.G. Hospitality Management Services

You can trust ACT to give a straight answer about the quickest way to get back to full service. I trust these guys explicitly to have our best interests at heart.

Deborah Spencer - Regional Asset Manager, Extended Stay Hotels

I have worked with ACT for many years.  They are extremely professional with industry competitive pricing and are the leader in response time versus other companies I have used.

Terri Stanganelli - Risk Manager,Meyer Jabara Hotels

We are fortunate to have a company like ACT to call on when we need services quickly. From the small dryer fire to the flooded hotel property, not only does ACT have a knowledgeable team, quality partners, tools and experience to get the job done, they communicate with us every step of the way. One of the things ACT does that differentiates them is their email reporting mechanism that keeps everyone on top of where we are in the process from the on-site hotel team, to the corporate office, to the insurance carrier. From a busy Risk Manager who needs to be in the know, this is key for me. I would highly recommend ACT. In a crisis you will be glad you did and so will your team.

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