Why ACT?

If disaster strikes, what if you could have a disaster recovery team who understands your business and thinks like you? Who zealously safeguards your interests as if your business was their own? Who puts your priorities above their own profit?

That’s what you get with ACT: a trusted partner who knows you and your business and puts your needs first. We build relationships and get to know your business operations long before disaster strikes, so we’re more effective when you need us.

Our Value Commitment: 

1. Reduce Your Costs

ACT is committed to producing high quality work at lower costs.

2. Minimize Business Interruptions

ACT is owned and operated by “Hospitality, Senior Living and Healthcare people.” As owners we truly understand the impact to you, your staff and your bottom line when rooms  are out of service. ACT has the locations and resources to allow for a 1 to 2 hour response time nationwide.

3. Conserve Resources

This is a direct result of reducing costs and minimizing business interruption. ACT is focused on conserving building materials, labor, energy and time. This shows in our commitment to using a “mitigation over demolition” approach whenever possible.

Case Study

A full service hotel had a broken ice machine supply line on the fourth floor. Twenty guest rooms were out of service.

Due to the Demolition vs. Mitigation approach this loss took 48 days to complete. The approach used on this project including business interruption ended up costing $168,000.

ACT’s mitigation approach would have taken approximately 10 days at a cost of $40,000.

Total savings by choosing ACT would have been $128,000!

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