Disaster Recovery & Restoration

Putting your world back together

ACT is your commercial restoration and reconstruction expert for seamless recovery with minimum business interruption.

No matter the disaster, we get you back to business sooner while working to reduce costs and conserve resources.

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Questions to ask when choosing a disaster restoration company

  • Do they think like the owner and will they be good stewards of cost?
  • Do they understand your business?
  • Do they know what’s important to you?
  • Are they focused on minimizing business interruption?
  • Are they able to provide proactive solutions for your disaster planning?

In other words, do they treat the property and approach the job as if they were the owner? ACT does, every time.

We Deliver

  • Seamless turnkey service from emergency stabilization to the finishing touches of reconstruction
  • Speedy restoration of your property to pre-loss condition, reducing disruption to your occupants and employees
  • Competitive, upfront pricing
  • Prompt reconstruction estimates to reduce turnaround
  • Professionals certified in every area of disaster response and recovery, with special expertise in restorative drying
  • Less intrusive technology, including quiet and energy-efficient dryers
  • ACT keeps reconstruction areas clean and safe
  • Thorough, accurate documentation of all emergency response and restoration activities
  • Immediate no-cost reports to insurers and management throughout the recovery and restoration process
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