Insurance Adjuster Services

Advance Catastrophe Technologies (ACT) recognizes your needs as an insurance adjuster:

  • Fast emergency response and mitigation: Our crews respond 24/7/365 and begin mitigation within hours or sooner after a loss from fire, storm, earthquake, tornado, flood or other disasters.
  • Simplicity: One call to ACT and we assemble an expert team of responders, saving you time and hassle. We offer turnkey service from emergency stabilization to the finishing touches of restoration.
  • Thorough communication: With detailed written estimates, ACT will discuss and document activities of each project so there will be no surprises on the job or in the billing.
  • Consistent and fair prices: ACT uses various industry-approved estimating software for its pricing, yet remains flexible to the needs and guidelines of each insurance company.

Large Loss Mitigation

ACT understands the need to act quickly to prevent secondary damage. We inspect the catastrophe site within minutes, analyze the damages, determine the best and fastest steps toward mitigating further damage, and begin assembling the response team best suited to the situation from our nationwide network of experts.

ACT responds by:

  • Establishing security and safety protocols to avoid injury and additional property damage
  • Ensuring that any source areas are secure so that cause/origin and subrogation inspections can be performed
  • Beginning immediate fire, water, and smoke mitigation
  • Accurate inventory control and documentation
  • Creating detailed clear-cut scope of the loss
  • Preparing an estimate of repairs

Large Loss Reconstruction

Our reconstruction teams begin planning and scheduling during the first stages of the loss, by:

  • Researching and retaining all necessary permits and working with regulatory agencies for any code compliance
  • Creating detailed clear-cut scope of repairs
  • Submitting estimates in a format that is agreed upon by all parties
  • Supervising all trades with a single source of accountability

Plan Respond Recover