Fire Recovery & Restoration

Combining cutting-edge technology with staff expertise, ACT has provided successful fire damage response and recovery services for numerous facilities nationwide.

Our First Responders are on site within minutes, assessing the situation and providing emergency damage-control measures.

Our certified ACT professionals address the secondary damage resulting from the fire:


Water damage is often present following a fire. Our certified disaster response professionals are trained in psychrometry, the science of restorative drying. Learn more about water damage clean-up here.


Building contents can be quickly removed and undergo special cleaning techniques to professionally remove soot and prevent further damage.

Smoke and Odor

We utilize powerful, meticulous cleaning and air-scrubbing techniques to eliminate the sources of odor in the structure, contents and HVAC system. A thorough decontamination of the HVAC system is critical to prevent soot, odors and other contaminants from traveling through the ductwork to your entire facility.

Air Quality

HEPA-filtered air scrubbers and other specialized equipment help restore air quality.

Mold and Corrosion

It’s critical to dry water-damaged areas and contents within 24-48 hours to prevent corrosion and the growth of mold. Learn more about mold clean-up here.

Data/ Document/ Equipment Restoration

We are able to quickly remove contents for professional restoration services that include special techniques for paper, electronic data, computers, peripherals and telecommunications equipment. Immediate attention is critical to prevent further damage.

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