Disaster Planning & Recovery for Hospitality & Student Housing

Guests are the lifeblood of any hotel. They’re your number one concern. And ours. Our motto is “heads in beds, not out of service.”

We understand the challenges and unique nature of the hospitality industry: minimal disruption to guests, minimum recovery time, and returning your property to pre-loss condition. And we understand your critical need to realize optimal insurance reimbursement in the event of a disaster.
That’s why ACT clientele includes more than 30,000 keys in mid-level hospitality companies and high-end flags that reach from coast to coast.

ACT is your single source for turnkey disaster preparedness, response, and restoration services. One call and you’re covered.

Our hospitality disaster planning and recovery services include:

  • Response within minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Extensive resources, enabling us to respond to many types of natural and man-made disasters, and to multiple large-loss events at one time
  • Turnkey service from emergency stabilization to the finishing touches of reconstruction
  • Thorough, accurate documentation of all emergency response and restoration activities, providing immediate no-cost reports to insurers and management throughout the recovery and restoration process
  • Speedy restoration of your property to pre-loss condition, reducing disruption to your guests and employees
  • Competitive pricing, up front
  • Professionals certified in every discipline of disaster response and recovery, with special expertise in psychrometry, the science of restorative drying
  • Proven disaster response strategies, plus procedures we’ve developed to more effectively deal with hotel properties while remaining sensitive to occupants
  • Less intrusive technology: quiet, energy-efficient dryers that extract moisture from deep within the structure, eliminating the need to tear out walls and rebuild


Whether due to crime, illness or injury, a trauma scene requires special sensitivities and attention. Trauma scenes can result in the type of damage employees are not trained—or allowed—to address.

The ACT professionals, certified in all disciplines of disaster response and recovery, can respond within minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Using cutting-edge technology and special cleaning and restoration procedures, we can return your property to a super clean, pristine condition.

When trauma hits your property, you know you can rely on ACT for discrete, rapid, comprehensive emergency services.

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