ACT Response Time

An interview excerpt with Jeff Chester, Vice President

Interviewer: How long does it take first responders to arrive at my property after a disaster with no forewarning?

Jeff Chester: Well with our network of 350 first responders, we are able to be anywhere that our clients are within an hour. Now obviously I’ll give you a good example. San Francisco is an area where we have some very high profile, large healthcare buildings. We have purposely set up a secondary group of first responders that are outside of the San Francisco area. So, if the big one, the big earthquake hits them, I know that my local resources are going to be focused on taking care of their families themselves, and if they weren’t damaged, they’re going to be busy anyway. So, we make sure that we have our redundancy and that we’re able to bring in regional people that aren’t affected by a storm into an area that needs it.

So, I’m proud to say that we have never had to turn down a client during any type of storm because we have the secondary layer of responders that are a part of our team. You know our team as a whole is better than any one individual and we feel that that’s one of the unique strengths that ACT offers to our clients. It’s just that nationwide force to be able to come in to local catastrophic events.