Helping Everywhere

An interview excerpt with Joe Rothwell, CEO

Interviewer: How does a restoration company in Kansas help my company in a hurricane area?

Joe: It works very well. All our equipment is mobile: semi-trailers, tractor rigs, box trucks, vans and pickup trucks. So we move like an army, a caravan as we mobilize to the event. And with hurricanes, unlike tornados, you have a little bit more time to mobilize and get prepared because you know the path as the path changes, where you mobilize and set up your command center, those things might change a little bit before it hits land, but in three days’ time we can get there. And you can’t be in the middle of the storm. You need to be away from it, safe with your team and with your equipment. That way you can move in after the storm passes when it’s safe, respond and start your initial investigation to see what the damage is. Then we’re replying back to our clients that are corporately located around the country and let them know what’s happened and what the next steps are to start restoring their properties.