How ACT prepares

An interview excerpt with Joe Rothwell, CEO

Interviewer: How do restoration companies prepare for hurricane season?

Joe: Well for one, our operations team make’s sure that all of our equipment is properly working and all our vehicles are in top shape or top maintenance mode. So, they’re getting organized in that respect. They’re also making sure that all their back up including: their equipment suppliers, fuel suppliers, generator suppliers, the roofing contractors that follow us in storms that repair roofs — all those back up sources that we need to have as a part of our response team are being organized, re-established and are on board with us to be able to respond. Our marketing and sales team will start sending out e-mails and contact information to our primary accounts and lets them know that we are ready to respond in the event the hurricane occurs. So, from sales and marketing to operations, we’re all getting prepared for that.