Preparing for a Hurricane

An interview excerpt with Joe Rothwell, CEO

Interviewer: How do I prepare for an unexpected hurricane?

Joe: Well I think they need to be proactive. Just like we are prepared with our staff and our team, they need to do the same. They know they are in a strike zone, so most of them, I presume, would have evacuation plans. They’re going to have backup plans for power; they’re going to have back up plans for the computers; and for relocating guests to other regions of the city or state if an evacuation is recommended by local authorities. They should also make sure they have all the contact information for their staff, so if people have to leave the area, they have ways to contact their staff. This way, when they’re ready to re-occupy and come back, you know they have their contact information for their staff and their team. I would think most of them are pretty well educated when it comes to having that.