What ACT Does

An interview excerpt with Joe Rothwell, CEO

Interviewer: What does a restoration company do?

Joe: We provide turnkey service for our clients. We can do the full restoration process. We can assist with cleaning up the exterior of the property, boarding up if there needs to be some board up done afterwards. We can provide security to the hotel if it needs to be secured. We can do temporary roofing where they tarp it in to prevent additional water from penetrating into the building. And then we go in and start cleaning up the inside of the building, depending on how badly damaged it is from the water.

The dry down process typically in a building if it’s fairly well damaged could be 5 to 7 days, but then if you have to remove sheet rock, wet insulation and/or carpeting, that could usually be done in that 5 to 7 day timeframe. But then you have the reconstruction to do. You got to go back and replace insulation, replace sheet rock, replace padding, carpet, vinyl wallpaper or paint, whatever it was on the walls. It can get very extensive and it can, like I said, be months. We have jobs from January from the Polar Vortex and here we are in May. We still have some jobs that are still in the process of being put back because of the delivery times for vinyl wallpaper and carpeting. Sometimes they get a fairly delayed delivery schedule on that stuff.