After the Disaster

An interview excerpt with Joe Rothwell, CEO

Interviewer: Which steps do restoration companies take after a hurricane disaster?

Joe: Well, for us the first thing is, when it’s safe for us to come in, our scout teams and teams of project managers that are there will go and inspect the property on the outside to see if there’s been anything damaged such as parking lot lights, lights on the building, trees and the roof, in the instance that any shingles have blown off. Then they take photos of that and go into the building. Using infrared cameras they can start assessing any damage from water intrusion into the building. And when they get a scope of what’s been damaged, then that can be reported upstream to the hotel owner and to the hotel management company. Then they can direct us as they see necessary to start restoring their property to pre-loss condition. Sometimes this can be minimal and sometimes it can be very extensive, meaning it could take several months to restore the property depending upon the extent of the damage.